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How We Do What We Do: A look into AACS Call Center

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

To say that today’s small businesses are stressed out is an understatement. When AACS was founded in 2006, we had this idea to be the traditional answering service where messages would be sent to companies. That’s the typical “call center” atmosphere people think of, and it’s a tried and true platform. However, as time went on, we came up with another idea: what if we could provide the customer support, administrative, and receptionist services remotely?

Crazy right? Hear us out.

Among the multitude of tasks on a small business owner’s to-do list, the most important (and likely the most challenging) is managing expenses. The point, as you know, is to make more money than you spend. By the time you count in overhead, technology, salaries, etc., you’re really racking up the expenses. The point of this remote idea was to provide all the normal administrative tasks, but off-site to save the business both money and headache.

By employing a remote receptionist, you save money on technology, equipment, overhead, and probably the most annoying, turnover. The only thing that you might miss is someone to get you coffee, but plenty of delivery services exists today so even that is technically becoming “remote.”


Our client base is eclectic; we service accounts belonging to multiple industries, including:

  • Contractors

  • Attorneys

  • Interpretation companies

  • Government Agency liaisons

  • Computer repair and service providers

  • Property Management

  • And more


Our technology is set up to make it sound like we are sitting right in our clients’ offices. For example, when you call the ABC Company business line, we answer it “Hello ABC Company, how can we help you?” The features of technology have come a long way! We have no background noises, such as what one would hear from “boiler room atmosphere” infrastructures. You know the ones we mean…the cubicle, headsets, and “I hate Mondays” posters setup.


We value transparency, so we have set up this technology to allow calls to be recorded, time-stamped, and tracked for ROI initiatives and customer service excellence. Now you can stay on top of what’s happening, while still saving time and money. As we say, our job is to handle your business, so you can get back to business.

Take a look at all we can offer by exploring our site. When you’re ready, give us a call so we can set up a custom package for you. We’re AACS Call Center and we’re “all about customer service.”

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